Ever Thought about Home Training Yourself?

Tempted to pop into a training program but don’t know where to go? Or in a better case, you know where to go, you just don’t have time at all… What about having your own workshop at home then?

As we shared TeckWrap’s first ever experience of its own training program with the master installer last week, you are probably tempted to figure out where you can pop into one of these. Or you are upset because you know you can barely make time to go for one? But what if I tell you… you can now have your own workshop at home and get well trained? Well, as long as you have internet.

Some of you might have heard of The Wrap Institute (TWI). Yep, this is the solution for your case that I can offer you here. If you do not know much about TWI, it is an online platform for the wrapping community and industry around the world. It is devoted to provide accessible information which can bring smoother installation to learners, and more than that, higher quality production as a result.

In TWI, there are more than 820 videos (in other words, over 108 hours of teaching), which cover all aspects in car wrapping -installation of all those flat and curve surfaces (hood, mirrors, bumper and etc.), usage of different properties of all kinds of films (metallic, gloss, textured film and so on), introduction to over 30 wrapping related tools and so much more…

You might be surprised if I tell you this video stream was only launched in 2014 though. In order to know the whole story, we should go backwards for a few years of time. In the fall of 2013, Justin Pate and Scott Bechtel, the founders of TWI, finally made their idea come true by setting up this platform.

Justin, the wrapper who has over 20 years of experience and installed over 3100 vehicles throughout his career, already had a vision way before he actually met Scott, an entrepreneur and owner of a wrap shop, which is to create a new way for installers to learn without paying too much for a short term training and squeezing out too much time to  show in presence -Time is money after all, everybody knows it.

As the head of the carwrap workshop and certification program for Avery Dennison in North America, as well as a 3M certified installer, Justin is filled with passion to share what he knows with the community. He often travels and gives workshops in different regions, and once he gets to know any new tools and techniques, he would introduce to the learners right away.

This is why there is new video updated onto the stream daily with Justin’s fully commitment to TWI. In his words, this industry is changing far too quickly, every now and then, there is new material, new technique and so on. So this passionate wrapping expert is hoping that with TWI, installers can always keep on track, and get to know the way to minimize the installing time, but maximize the production quality in the meantime.

If you have not tried this way of training, yet always miss out those in-person workshops, why not give TWI a shot? Once you become a member of TWI, you can get access to all those training whenver and wherever you want throughout the year. Plus, you do not have to worry about  getting drenched in adverts during the training, as Justin constantly tries out different materials, tools and techiniques, the content is totally neutral, only to teach you the best way you can wrap.

As it says in the TWI, “Never stop learning!”

Ever Thought about Home Training Yourself?