How Much Does It Charge for Car Body Wrap?

When it comes to automotive color change, more and more people now prefer car wrapping over repainting, because wrapping a car takes a shorter time than repainting it, besides, it is simple to maintain a wrapped car, and wrapping is usually cheaper than painting.

Today we will be looking at how wrapping takes less time in terms of both application and maintenance, and how these two factors affect its price, which turns out cheaper than painting.

The Price of Repainting and Wrapping

So how much does it usually cost to repaint a car? If you are looking for a good-quality outcome, the price should range from $1,000 to $5,000. And the whole process takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.

However, for professional wrapping, it will generally take only 3-4 days. The price is between $2,500 and $5,000. It might sound shocking considering it takes a shorter time in terms of application but almost the same amount as repainting.

Thus, we are going to see how the cost is divided within the whole process, and you will then find why the price of wrapping is totally reasonable and worthy.

How Does It Charge?

Here we have a true story from a company in regards to color change wrapping. They charge $4,200 for two guys to wrap the full cover of a vehicle, which takes 24 hours, plus the time selling the job and talking to the client, making it 48 hours. So on a straightforward calculation, they are making 87.5 dollars per hour.

Sounds a lot, right? However, when you think about other expenses, for instance, the vinyl wrap, there is around $1,200 out of the $4,200 for the automotive wrap material, so $3,000 left for the wage. However, on this $3,000, there are other things to consider – the car is wrapped in a shop, which means there would be fees for rent, electricity, insurance, taxes and all kinds of payment. The wrappers need tools and liquids for car cleaning.

Considering a wrap shop might only be able to wrap one car in 2 days, so when you think of the big picture, a wrap shop is not making that much of a profit. However, the staffs are highly skilled because the money is spent on training, and since it is professional, the application requires much energy. Details take time, and the wrap job is warrantied. In this case, the price seems fairly reasonable.

So although the car wrapping price seems equal or little more expensive than painting, it becomes fair when you divide the charge into where it goes to. Meanwhile, in the long term, wrapping your car will save you a lot of money comparing to painting in terms of maintenance. Moreover, it will protect the original car paint and keep the car value. If you consider the color variety too then, car wraps definitely are the best choice for automotive color change.

How Much Does It Charge for Car Body Wrap?