Paint or Wrap

Paint or Wrap: Old School VS Innovative Methods

The debate of these two alternatives has been going on ever since the wrapping technology has struck the market. What a consumer should understand is that a wrap is not, in any way a substitute to the paint. The wrap is an evolved form of a coat that can cover your vehicle in a way which is in every single way better than the paint itself. The question is that how and why is wrap a better choice? Let’s see if we can come up with a conclusion comparing the differences and benefits wrap has over Paint Jobs. let’s focus on the mechanism of each.

Do you remember those old times when we used to write letters to each other for the purpose of communication? And how smartly and effectively the emailing took over the entire process of actually mailing the letters. The case of paint and wrap is quite similar. To say the paint is that ancient form of communication (e.g. letter writing) and wrap being the most advanced and transformed email would be the accurate description of innovation. The creative way that allows you to customize every email and attach different files with it providing you with an enormous amount of variety is miraculous. Car wraps are exactly as customizable and user-friendly. Additionally, the protection a wrap provides to the vehicle is incomparable. Who wouldn’t want to accessorize their car along with keeping its original state intact? I can tell you, EVERYONE!

Now, coming back to the war between a wrap and paint, look out for the following benefits a wrap has over the paint:

  1. Cost Effectiveness (a wrap is half the price of the paint)
  2. Customizable (there is a never ending range of vinyl wraps regarding color, design, and quality)
  3. Overall Maintenance (wraps being durable at low cost are easier to maintain, as compared to low cost/cheap paints)
  4. Increased Durability (high-quality wraps can have a life expectancy of as long as eight years)
  5. Originality of the vehicle (wrap can be removed/replaced/changed without affecting the original body and paint of the vehicle.

Apart from these, the wraps have several other benefits over paint such as the installation time difference and a market competitive re-sale value. In the case of going with the paint for your vehicle, a hefty amount of time (almost double is required). However, wrapping the car would need an average span of 5 days. As for the re-sale value, painting your car as per your requirement is a decision you cannot undo, unlike a wrap. At the time of re-sale of a car with a wrap, the vehicle can be conveniently sold with its originality intact.

Well, now you know why I claimed I would prefer wrap over paint any day!