What You Need to Know About Matte Metallic Film

Matte metallic film has been some installers’ favorite, as it looks cool and there is only medium difficulty to apply. But in order to achieve your perfect finish, it is important to know the characteristics of your film first.

Like most matte films, matte metallic wrap is sensitive to scratches, and can also show marks from oil and dirt very easily. So if you don’t want it to get oily, make sure your hands are nice and clean when you install. Or use application gloves.

And as we mentioned that it gets scratched if you don’t pay enough attention, the right choice is to use a pretty nice buffer on your squeegee. An ideal one buffer would be one made of fabric, so in this way you can apply liquid on it. Remember to keep your squeegee flat when you do the work.

These features are almost the same as regular matte film. But what makes matte metallic different is that it has metallic flakes put in a certain direction in the film. This means whenever you apply the film on your vehicle, you have to do it in the same direction, because if you install it from different directions, it will change the flop and the sections of the vehicle will reflect differently.

For post care, you might want to know that matte metallic only has half of the warranty than a standard matte film. That is because the metallic flakes reflect the sun into the film directly, which causes it to get dull and grey much quicker than a regular matte film. So because of this property, it is better to pay special attention during post care than you would do to a standard film.

What You Need to Know About Matte Metallic Film