Here Are Some Silk Outfits for Your Car

As TeckWrap promised that we would bring you the most exciting colors and trending textures every three months, it is time to uncover our latest surprise for you now!

This time we are inspired by the tender and beautiful silk colors. As a result of our idea and passion, we now have this exclusive brand new satin chrome series for you!

The satin surface of this series is rich, and its colors are very gentle and smooth, shinning just like silk, giving your car a sense of nobility.

This time it is not just an update of some appearance of wraps, technically, the properties of our satin chrome series are also superior.

Our satin chrome films in this series of TeckWrap’s are 100 micron with new air drain technology, which makes them much better at application as well as durability.

There are seven colors in total for this series, each one of them is remarkable. Whichever you choose, it will surely make you a head-turner!

Are you ready to have a glance now?

VCH401 Crimson Red

You can say the color itself is very tense, but with the satin surface, there is this perfect harmony in this film that you would never find in others wraps.

Crimson Red

VCH402 Velvet Blue

Smooth, soft and gentle, just like velvet. There is no other tenderness like this.

Velvet Blue

VCH403 Concord Grape

If you have tried Concord grape before, you know what this wrap is like. Sweet and mild, does it remind you some precious moment with your loved ones?

Concord Grape

VCH404 Hot Pink

It is hot, but not necessarily sharp. The color and its satin surface hold an ideal balance together, just about right.

Hot Pink

VCH 413 Turquoise Blue

Peaceful outlook, light color, yet with a deep and magnificent inside, like a noble jade from the East

Turquoise Blue

VCH410 Earl Grey

Solemn like an earl, tender like a gentleman, is the mystery of this film.

Earl Grey

VCH411 Silver Sage

Neither too light nor too deep, this film holds the sensation of wisdom and dignity.

Silver Sage

Just a glance is not enough for you? Check out our product details page. Make your purchase with our flexible payment method now. And feel the difference!

Here Are Some Silk Outfits for Your Car