The Asian SEMA Show Is Here, Auto Pro Indonesia 2017

We bet you still remember how stunning and interesting the SEMA show was last year. Or even if you missed it unfortunately, you should have seen what happened in our article. Yeah it is pity that you could not make it. BUT! What if we tell you that you are now given a second chance – to join the Asian SEMA show?

Autopro 2017 is what we are talking about here. For the first time, Autopro, the only business-to-business automotive aftermarket tradeshow will be held in Indonesia on February 23 – 25th. You might be wondering why we call it the Asian SEMA show. This is because Autopro is adopting the same concept as SEMA’s.

The venue of SEMA was filled with eye-catching, head-turning and luxury modified cars with tons of aftermarket components. At Autopro, you should be expecting the same. This exhibition is meant to be the center of industrial development in Southeast Asia, as well as Australia. 

And like the SEMA show, this is an eye-opening event that brings you the latest innovations and technologies in the aftermarket. Autopro is bringing together over 100 worldwide brands with 6,000 key buyers under one roof. You can meet the key players in the industry there, share insights and talk with them.

This is for sure a cannot-miss opportunity for those of you who are involved in the Southeast Asian and Australian market, or those who are planning on stepping into this market. According to data, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia (60% of the population are middle class and very capable of consuming), as well as the second largest vehicle factory in SE Asia. Modifying and tuning is very popular in this country.

It is estimated that there will be business opportunities that are worth 90 million US dollars at Autopro 2017. You do not even have to worry about connecting to people at this event – you just go, as the organizer has already prepared a business-matching program for you, which connects companies directly with the key buyers and distributors, and it is all scheduled so that your visit can be much more organized and effective.

If you want to see the latest modification, tools, equipment, and accessories like those appealing vehicle wraps, or you want to learn the most up-to-date technologies and tuning, come into this showcase. It will definitely not disappoint you.

Our TeckWrap team will be looking forward to meeting you at booth A34 in hall A. We guarantee you that we will prepare the trendiest films for you at our booth there!

The Asian SEMA Show Is Here, Auto Pro Indonesia 2017