How to fix wrinkles and bubbles on Calendared Film


Wrinkles and Bubbles are something you will come across very often during installs. But to fix them properly requires some certain skills. We will be looking at how to do it on a calendared film.

For a calendared film that does not have air regress or reposition ability, if there are wrinkles and crazy bubbles occur, you just have to react differently, depending on the actual status of the wrinkle or bubble.

For wrinkles that in a long shape, popping and are not so stiff, you can poke a little hole at the end of the bubble with a 30-degree blade, then press the air out from the opposite side with your finger.

The smaller the hole you make, the better. If it is a wider blade like a 45-degree one, it will make too big of a hole.

Also, make sure you do not make the bubble smaller because by doing this, continue to make it smaller, you are actually raising the angle of the bubble. So if you poke it at this point and squeegee it, a stiff wrinkle will occur.

For some materials, after you poke a hole, you can use your heat gun to heat it up a little bit from the bubble, and the film will go back flat.

However, if you have wrinkles that are very stiff that even has a sharp angle on the side, these will not be the options. If you do these – poke it and use heat, it will just get worse.

What you want to do in this case is to pick the film up, then give it a little heat to trigger the memory effect in order to relax the film until the wrinkle goes away. And you can squeegee it then. These are basically what you will have to do when wrinkles and bubbles come up during installs.