Don’t Panic, Follow Our Guides!

Have you ever had a feeling that you have no clue what to do while holding a whole roll of wrap in hands? We totally feel you! This is why we want to remind you that we have a whole page on our site where it guides you how to deal with different kinds of films for your installation.

Some might choose to Google the way themselves on the internet, because the instruction provided by the manufacturer might not have answered his query. But here on, we have given you all the information of our products in details.

There are install guides to calendared and hybrid vinyl film, paint protection film, as well as to chrome film –basically cover every kind of our products. You can find every detail including property of the film and tools of recommendation on the page.

I bet you have read many of our articles in terms of how to perfectly wrap your vehicle. But if you are already using our films, what can be better to follow a customized guideline and achieve the best of your purpose?

It is true! You will be surprised to see how customized these install guides are. It is not just an instruction, but truly a guide that would lead you step by step. From pre-installation to post-installation, you will not miss anything.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what tools to use, how to clean the surface before the application, because even at what angle you should hold the film is told in these guides.

There is also introduction to different kinds of installation liquid which you can use, as well as their various characteristics and effects. Plus, TeckWrap has also provided you the formulation to actually make those liquids.

This is just one example in terms of how detailed the install guides are. Or I can also put it in another way… Now first think of all the articles we have written for you: properties of different films, secrets to a successful installation, how to post heat, how to maintain your film and so on…

You got the list? Ok… Let me tell you now, the install guides that TeckWrap provided is an all-in-one package for you. Have a good look at it, and you will never have to be panic and worry about getting crazy at your wrapping project.
Don’t Panic, Follow Our Guides!