How to Wrap a Porsche Mirror with PPF


   Curvy part of a vehicle can usually be a challenge for many installers. Today we will be taking a Porsche mirror as an example, and showing you how to wrap it with PPF by using the bulk style method. The key is to stretch the PPF without tension, of course, and solid cutting to keep straight edges for a professional finish.

   Before we get to the actual installation, let’s check out what we will need for this kind of method. To use the bulk method to wrap this mirror, these will be the tools we need:


Light-duty utility knife


Felt Squeegee buffer


Used blade containers

Masking tape

Heat gun

Microfiber towels

One 80 Headlamp


   By saying wrapping a curvy mirror with bulk style, we are going to use a way without pre-cutting template pieces that are right to the edge perfectly. And because the material will have an excess film in this case, it requires wrappers to cut it off right to the edge, which means this would be tricky.

   However, this would be a great way to achieve a perfect finish. To use this method though, the installer would need advanced cutting skill for it. So if it is a beginner or intermediate wrapper, we would recommend you continue going with the pre-cutting-pieces way.

   Before putting any material onto the mirror, first make sure the part has been thoroughly cleaned, prepped and degreased. You can use the car as a peal board. Make sure no dirt gets terminated on the adhesive side.

   When it comes to a solution, use a straight text one rather than a glide solution, especially for the curvy area. Otherwise, the chances of getting your fingers in the material will be super high while installing.

   Setting up your film with no wrinkles while putting it onto the mirror, locking in place by the squeegee, and then you can create a permanent hinge on the backside. This will allow you to pull it properly.

   Try making sure the material is settled well and duplicated with text solution, then pull it with the triangle technique – remember, a beautiful and clean pull, which is 50/50 tension from top to bottom.

   Once it feels like it is uninformed from top to bottom, you can lock the film up in the middle with squeegee strokes. It does not matter whether you focus on the bottom or the top first then.

   But pay attention when it comes to the bottom, especially the base. Try to spray a little more on it, and pull right to the backside and lock it down nice and clean. You will realize why it needs text solution because you will particularly see the PPF would sit right where you want it to.

   As for recommendation in regards to squeegee, it is best to use one with two sides, one hard and the other softer. This is especially good for a mirror like this because there would be a time you want to get a good force, but other times a softer one to form to the curve.

   Once everything is set and to the edge, it is a good idea to go over the installed surface with steam so to warm the adhesive. So make sure you have a steamer on hand.

   When the surface is cool down and even, wipe it down with a fiber towel without putting too much pressure.

   Last but not least, we now come to the cutting time. With bulk style, we are going to cut the material right to the edge (or just short from the edge if it is PPF style). When cutting, make sure the cut is 100% straight and clean.

   It will be very helpful to put the masking tape on edge and running your blade just along with the tape. Otherwise, the chance of getting cooked can be very high.

   Some people would choose to cut it by hand without tapes. But putting masking tapes on it will only take a few seconds, but it adds extra quality to your finish. As long as your cut is clean, when you pull the excess film off from what you just wrapped, it comes off nice and clean.

How to Wrap a Porsche Mirror with PPF