Surprise! It’s Show Time!

Missed the exclusive SEMA parties? Don’t worry, you’re always inclusive with us.

Come and join the gang here!

We did use plural didn’t we? Because for this year’s SEMA, we not only have the Big Reveal but also a new party - That’s the WWWrap Party on November 2nd!, where it gathered all the most influential and important representatives in the wrap industry at the same place.

Well, you can never miss TeckWrap on such occasions. Our TeckWrap team just truly had a great time at both of the parties. It was actually a great success for the WWWrap party as a first timer.

Almost all the members of the “MoB”, “Paint is Dead”, "United Wrap Syndicate', "Wrap Nation", and other "clans" came :) The atmosphere was friendly enough, so that people from the industry were all able to chat and discuss with each other.

The WWWrap party was held for the first time. And with all those fancy settings, you would probably think you just miss-stepped into the Hollywood.

The team has also joined the second Big Reveal on the day before, After having some exploring-around at the first one last year, our TeckWrap team decided not to let go the opportunity to reveal surprising color to people.

In fact that is why we attended both of the events. To surprise people! But what do we mean by “people like you”? Well, we are referring to those who are into fashion, stylish, and always keep up to new trend - just like you. But why?

If you are new to TeckWrap, you have to know that TeckWrap is always one of color pioneers in the industry. Its sample book is always becoming bigger and adding new colors. Every three month there would be brand new fancy designs and colors coming along for new attraction.

Now let’s get back to the subject... The parties. If you were there for either one, you would see suspicious wrappers “examining” all the wrapped cars around. But I bet they would say they were all stunned when TeckWrap’s finishes were uncovered.

By following up the trend at all time, TeckWrap eventually brought its brand new and surprising design Silver Firework to people’s eyes after keeping it secretly for over a quarter, as well as the fantastic Northern Aurora wrap, which is the current biggest hit.

The silver firework was absolutely a stunning finish wrapped by famous wrappers. And if you take a closer look, colorful sparkles shinning all over the film, as well as partial decals will bump into your eyes.


Either the silver firework or the Northern Aurora was launched based on the current hottest trend, which people are crazy about SO much. Shifting (rainbow) color..

And unlike some other congeneric products in the market, TeckWrap’s rainbow drifts film does not appear as different colors in different chunks. You will never be able to tell what color you exactly see from your angle.

- Even if you barely are, the color you see is never the same as the one your friend who stand beside you see. Moreover, although the color might be darker than those in the market, it is glossier and more classic looking.

This feature actually makes TeckWrap’s rainbow drift film stand out in comparison with the others, for the darker color provides more senses of mystery, but in the meantime, it is steady-going.

But of course - the most important reason is, it is posh enough to suit any of your vehicles!

Apart from color shifting, our TeckWrap team is also revealing the other three trends for the coming year to you here (based on the observation at the SEMA show) - You might want to mark them down:

   Color Shifting
   Matte Metallic
   Matte Chrome
   Glossy Metallic

However, if you are worried that you will get off track at some point, you can always come back to check out our products.

Stay tuned..

Taking the opportunity, we thank people that organized these interesting events. Thank you Carl Brewer, thank you Austin Smith! Thanks to team of professionals involved!

Surprise! It’s Show Time!