Cut vinyl film

The Must-Know Points about Cut Vinyl Film

Cut vinyl film has been one of the highlights at lots of sign shows. It is used in lots of partial vehicle wrapping installs. This indicates the importance of getting it right. So today we will take an overview of cut vinyl film.

Cut vinyl is generally broken down into two categories. There is calendared cut vinyl film and cast one. And it is really crucial to know when you need to use calendared cut vinyl and when to use a cast.

For a calendared cut vinyl film, it is generally used on very flat surface, as a calendared film is not as flexible as cast. But often times, if you have a very curvy vehicle that you need to wrap, the best choice is cast cut vinyl film.

Also if the wrapping is for a long-term, and something exposed in the sun a lot, it is better to choose cast film over calendared as well.

In general, a calendared film is good for a flat surface, plus short and medium term installs, yet cast film is better for long-term install and curvy surface.

For cut vinyl films, there are different sizes. You do not always have to use the huge 60 inches roll for install. There are also sizes of 24, 48, or 54 inches.

Not only this, there are usually various colors of cut vinyl film for you to choose. Make sure you just choose lots of the basic standard colors that you generally use a lot. For instance, black, yellow or red…

When it comes to installing, you will notice the adhesive is very flat on cut vinyl film in general. That is because there is no air regress technology put on most parts of the film.

Cast vinyl film is around two-mil thick and calendared around three to four mils thick. Usually, the adhesive is pretty aggressive. For this, it can be broken down into two categories as well: Permanent and removable adhesive.

When you have something for a long-term, you would probably want to choose to use the permanent one. The removable one is for coming off easier. But this also depends on the surface energy.

If you have something with high surface energy, you will probably consider using the removable one. But of course, if you have an install that needs to stay for maybe ten years, the permanent one is a better option.

But because of the aggressive adhesive, it also means that when material folds on itself during the install, it can be really hard to pick it back apart, even if it is removable. You just need to pay enough attention and be careful about installing cut vinyl film.

So these are the basic must-know points about the cut vinyl film. We hope they will give you some insights as you do your wrapping.