SEMA Discount Voucher from TeckWrap

These Voucher Terms set out the terms on which we issue discount or nominated value vouchers.  They apply to physical vouchers and to voucher and discount codes we issue (Vouchers).  By applying for or using a Voucher, you consent to these Voucher Terms and any other Voucher terms (Specific Voucher Terms) printed on the Voucher or listed on the website or email from us where the Voucher was offered.


  1. Each Voucher type is identified by a voucher code and has different requirements.
  2. Voucher values or discount rates or amounts, as applicable, are as specified on the Voucher.
  3. Vouchers are intended for single use only on a single order
  4. Vouchers are usable only at our web site for orders placed online.
  5. Vouchers can be used on the day of issue and subject to expire.
  6. In the case of a multiple-item order, the value of the Voucher is allocated to each item based on the proportion of the item's value to the total value of all items
  7. Certain items may not be eligible for purchase using the Voucher.  These will be notified in the Specific Voucher Terms. Generally, Vouchers cannot be used to purchase samples and sample swatches.
  8. A Voucher cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping and handling
  9. A particular Voucher cannot be combined with any other offer or Voucher in the same order
  10. Each Voucher is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified. Most vouchers including WWrap event Specific Voucher expire 90 days after issue.
  11. Vouchers are not for resale and are not redeemable for cash.
  12. Physical Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, mutilated, defaced, tampered with or deleted.
  13. A Voucher cannot be applied to orders already placed.
  14. If a Voucher is used and your entire order is cancelled or rejected, or if you return all items in your order, we will refund the actual amount paid subject to our applicable trading terms but the Voucher will no longer be valid.
  15. If a Voucher is used and only part of your order is cancelled or rejected, or if you return only some of the items in your order, a partial Voucher discount will still be applied to the remaining item(s) that are processed.