TeckWrap 180 Series

Characteristics  TeckWrap 180 series

Film type

High performance hybrid calendered film with ADT, self-adhesive

Thickness of film (C=10 micron)


Thickness of film with release liner


Color range

See color swatch


Henkel Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, high tack, air release drains

Adhesive color


Release liner

Kraft white silicone-coated paper with double sided polyethylene coating, 145 g./m2

Exploitation period & Outdoor durability

When applied on the recommended surfaces in climatic zone of Central Europe the exploitation period is 3 years. The final period depends on surface exploitation factors, color of the film and climatic conditions. For details see chart bellow

Dimensional stability

Shrinkage less than 0,20%

Breaking strength

23.4 N/10mm (Average) Test Method: ASTM D3759/D3759M-05

180º Peel strength, to steel panel

5.6 N/10mm (Average) Test Method: ASTM D3330/D3330-04

Chemical resistance

Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, fuel, water, salt

Light ageing in UV exposure

Test Method: ASTM D4329-13 Cycle A & ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005, Test result: 4-5 out of 5

Exposure cycle: ASTM D4329-13 cycle A, Lamp type: UVA-340 8h UV at (60±2.5)℃ BPT, 0.89W/(m2•nm)@340nm, 4h condensation at (50±2.5)℃ BPT, Exposure duration: 48h


Between 25%-32%


Film is rolled colour-side-out on 8cm (diam) core. Roll is set into plastic cover and placed to carton box.

Roll standard size 1.52m x 18m (59.8" x 708,6", 4.98ft x 59ft, 1.66yd x 19,6yd)


13-14 kg

Shelf life

2 years from date of production. If stored in cooler temperatures +10°С to +20°С for optimal quality, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sun light, clean and dry place

Suitable surfaces

Simple, flat and smooth surfaces, simple and moderate curves.

Application temperature

+17°С to +25°С

In use temperature

-50°С to +60°С

Recommended temperature

-30°С to +30°С

Post heating

Over 90°С

Application method

Dry only


Horizontal exposure

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

TeckWrap 180 series

2 years

1 year

Up to 1 year

Vertical exposure

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

TeckWrap 180 series

3 years

2 years

Up to 1 year

Zone 1: North, West, Central & Eastern Europe, North America (excl.: USA desert´s - zone 3)

Zone 2: South Europe, Central & South coastal area (from Perth to Brisbane), New Zealand

Zone 3: Greater Middle East, Africa, Australien Desert area & North of Brisbane coastal area, USA (Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah), Mexico