The features of Gloss metallic film

What Is It about Gloss Metallic Wrap Film?

Gloss Metallic has been one of the most popular wrap films. But behind its splendor, there is a lot to talk about. Today we will be taking an overview of this type of film.

Gloss Metallic wrap film is directional, which means it needs extra attention while installing. And the panel has to be applied in a uniform manner.

The best way is to use the logo on the liner as your reference point to indicate the correct side. If there is none logo, then mark an arrow to make sure each of your film section is going on the right direction.

Use a medium or soft squeegee
The best is to use a medium squeegee for gloss metallic film. But if the surface you are applying your film on is flat enough, either medium squeegee or a curvy soft one can be your option.

As for buffer, our recommendation is to use a brand new one for each install, just to make sure it is clean enough and there is no dirt on it.

When applying,using standard squeegeeing technique will do the best. Also, because the surface energy of gloss metallic film is high, there is no need to prep the bottom panel to make an inlay or overlap piece during the install.

Comparing to other types of wrap films, gloss metallic film can self heal very easily if being scratched. If there are wrinkles coming up during the installation, you can just pick the film back up and apply light heat on it. The film will then self heal the wrinkles, and the panel can be re-applied.

Usage of Heat
It is ok to use propane and heat gun on a gloss metallic film. There is no chance of damaging the finish with the flame with a propane torch.

Gloss metallic film can be heated and stretched with the standard method to trigger the memory. However, do not overstretch it. If so, there might be differences with the hue, and sometimes even the flakes can be felt through the surface.

Relief Cut
Gloss metallic film can be fragile when picking back up and making a standard relief cut. The safer and best way is to make enclosed relief cuts when needed.
So to sum up, here are the main features of gloss metallic wrap film:
  • Directional: Yes
  • Squeegee: Medium
  • Buffer: Dry
  • Heat Source: Propane or Heat Gun
  • Surface Energy: High
  • Overstretch: Lightens
  • Self-Heal: Yes
  • Relief Cuts: Enclosed