Conformability of calendered vinyl film

Are you ready to earn more by exploring and giving out more variations of vinyl wraps for the trendy cars out there? Oh yeah, gone are those days where it was just a few choises of films working well on cars/vehicles; now you are astoundingly bombarded with numerous options of more exciting TeckWrap calendered films including the premium high grade calendered types! Ready to rock and roll the cars ravishing enough to suffice those ravenous customers and that too at low costs? We are here to help.

Did you know calendered vinyl with air egress technology is the hot piece of digital media in sign industry today? The bubble free wrap installation technique, which clears off any trapped air bubble in the wrap application, makes it the perfect method for creation of ultra clear vinyl films; some form of this technique is used in almost every vinyl film intended for smooth car wraps.

If you want to know why you can't use cast vinyl film everywhere, the reason is quite simple and it is ‘economy’. Well, when the budget of a project isn't too high then why do you want to lose your margins by bearing the increased conformability costs in manufacturing these cast vinyl and the increased installation costs in doing the wrap? Or why lose such low budget jobs when you have a good conformability in high grade calendered vinyl films too?

When it's a compound curve in the car, cast vinyl is great in giving you an amazing conformability and an excellent dimensional stability so once applied you are assured of the most attractive curvy car in the whole world!

When it's a flat surface or a simple curve, as in hummers or pickup trucks, calendered vinyl is the suitable choice for its 40% cheap economy in price and for the yet decent conformability apt for the vehicle. The additives used in monomeric pvc don't blend well with the vinyl film thus making the composition stiff and brittle ideal for indoors and minimal outdoors where you can expect a good life of 3-5 years; polymeric pvc has additives blending well with the film thus making it suitable for outdoors where you're guaranteed of 6-7 years of life.

Any calendered vinyl film type is made using heated PVC masses squeezed through steel cylinders. The production is easier and cheaper to make compared to the cast vinyl. So when it's your time to make a completely economic choice yet superior in product quality, durability, conformability and in fancy design, there's nothing that's a match to the calendered vinyl films. The tendency of vinyl to go back to its original state is more in calendered vinyl but yet the high grade performance types are extremely suitable for simple curve vehicle wrap applications. In fact it's superior and of reasonable costs for such applications when compared with using a cast vinyl.

Thus there’s no doubt on the application of calendered vinyl films and the demand for them in today's market.  For short term ads, floor graphic applications, flat sided or simple curves and many more like these, calendered vinyl films with a decent conformability are doubtlessly the best choice! Have no clustered thought here! Be clear in the need, budget and the client expectations in order to make the smart choice.

Conformability of calendered vinyl film