This Is the Wrap Up for 2016

SEMA is over, winter time has come, so how did you treat your car within the past year?  

So, this year’s SEMA show is over for now, and winter time is already here, officially marking a coming end of 2016, maybe even without your noticing.

But congratulations that you and your beloved car have made it! You might have changed your car’s outfit several times within the past year, or you are just a loyal person, sticking with one style all the way through, or... you just never experience what it is like to have a wrapped car but are tempted to give it a shot now...

Whatever it is, we just want to take a look back with you and sum up this year’s car wrap trend, before anyone else can figure out what is more refreshing for the coming year - Oh yeah, we hope you can bear what others have done in mind with this so that you can get some ideas in your head. And believe it or not, TeckWrap will try its arse off to help you make it come true.

You might even be able to provoke up a new trend with your own innovative thoughts in this way! So what have people been crazy about within the past year?

Matte Finishes

Yep, it is THAT non-glossy thing. Corporate and old fashion drivers might like it a lot, for it is sober. But if you are a kind of swanky person or have no experience in this, for personal reasons, some might find it boring. What is it to like with a non-shiny film anyway? Well, it is actually one of the biggest hits this year. Matte finishes have the more in depth and classy colors, which give people a more stunning view. With a matte film wrapped on your car, people are able to see the whole outline of your vehicle even when the city lights shine out. -You know your car could have just been like any others’, becoming a mirror reflection at night. But with this film, the appearance of your car is solid. And people will not get any distraction when they appreciate the outfit of your car just like you do.

Custom Graphic Wrapping

In 1933, British vinyl manufacturer was asked to produce a film that can be able to cover an overall vehicle. That was when vinyl film first took place of traditional auto paints. People use it for advertising purposes very often, but it has also commonly become an expression of personalization today. It is easy to apply and remove. And with excellently designed graphics, your car will surely become others’ eyes magnets.

Color flow Wrapping

If you are an outgoing person, I bet this is your type! Nothing can be more stylish than getting your vehicle a rainbow shift outfit or something with fancy visual patterns. Color flow wrapping is the most popular in 2016 to some extent. Technically speaking, it is only a subcategory in the market. But because of its great popularity, it has made itself a separate category. It provides vehicle a distinct and genuine look of color shift itself. It will no do any harm if you want to try this out before 2016 is gone forever.

This Is the Wrap Up for 2016