Winter is coming! Don’t let the dull sky spoil your mood

Now early dusk, late dawning, and dull sky, you can probably tell winter is near from these boring signs. But let’s not have them bore you. What about getting a moving rainbow this winter? And you can be an inspiration to your friends too!

Some is ready to turn his clock backward one hour to have one more hour sleep. Or some in other countries has already done that. But really, is winter only about sleeping just because it is so dull?

Nah… let’s have some fun this year. With TeckWrap’s unique and stylish design – the rainbow drift series, your vehicle is going to be a star on the road!

How so? Let me put it this way, you can be someone’s dazzling Aurora Borealis at night, or bring them a passion filled Ibiza Sunset when another dull and grey dusk is coming, or so much more.

The series comes with five color themes - Winered Nebula, Ibiza Sunset, Iris Purple Gem, Peacock Green, and Nothern Aurora. Depending on your preference, you can choose between glossy and matte materials for each of the themes.


And with each theme, color shift from one to another as you change your angle of looking at the wrap. Isn’t it exciting? Oh well, you might be saying, only seeing is believing.

Fortunately, TeckWrap does have some case photos from distributors all around the globe posted on Instagram

Now, don’t you want to be that excitement on the road to cheer everybody up? Or at least get some pride in this uniqueness!

Winter is coming! Don’t let the dull sky spoil your mood