Eight More Languages Added Up for Your Car

At the end of last year, we have introduced five wrap languages to you, which all belong to our Gloss metallic collection. Among them there are RB01 for a burning pumping heart; RB02 representing the majestic ocean; RB03 stands for nobility; RB04 for passion; and RB05 bringing sweetness.

And as we said these languages are more than revealing your taste, but also representing your personality and attitude, five is probably not enough to some. That is why TeckWrap has now added up eight more colors for this series. Check out the list below and see which one is your perfect match!

RB06 Ocean wave
You can guess the feeling just by its name. Are you bold enough to rein in ocean wave, because while you are driving your car in this wrap, you are the overwhelming wave on the street?

RB07 Acid lime
If you remember the taste of a summer lime, you will know this feeling: refreshing and energetic. Summer is coming soon. Are you willing to be an ambassador of the season with this wrap on the road?

RB08 Coral peach
If we said our RB03 Rosaline pearl is for nobility, then this Coral peach is more about sweetness and romance. Looking for a festival occasion? Valentine’s Day was gone by now, but you might want to consider White Day in March.

RB09 Caribbean blue
Sunshine all over the beach with palm trees everywhere, Caribbean is for sure a paradise to some. Why not wrap your vehicle with this wrap to just hold onto this blue from Caribbean in the speeding and sometimes frustrating urban area?

RB10 Amber brown
With a little mystery deep down, this Amber brown is perfect for those of you who are delicate, however, have abundant emotions in your heart, mysterious, yet attracting.

RB11 Silver chromium
Silver chromium is like a crystal there, a masterpiece that is pure and fantastic, maybe with a little bit high tech feeling for some of you, too. If you are into sci-fi, your pick is here.

RB12 Dark platinum / Storm grey
This as-if-black color holds a strong power like the storm. If you are more of an actor rather than talker, and you are always determined when you have a plan, this is a perfect color for you.

RB13 Ash grey
For RB12 it is as-if-black, while ash grey is interestingly as-white, giving you a feeling of a phantom. If you are fond of abstractionism, wrap it with your car, and you won’t regret it.

If you have not tried out this series yet, believe us, you should do. Our new gloss metallic series is made of a new material which is more stable and durable. And these eight additional colors of films are even more superior: They are 140 micron with new air drain technology, so it is even easier for application.

Check out the product details on our website and make your purchase with us today!

Eight More Languages Added Up for Your Car