Give it a SEMA!

At this stage in October, you are probably busy preparing your very customized outfit for Halloween. But just bearing in mind, the party is not over at the end of the day just yet, as following is one of the largest events in Las Vegas, which represents a much greater level of personalization – It is THE SEMA show!

What is the SEMA show?

In case you are not so familiar with the SEMA show, here is a brief description from its official website: “The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world”, and it takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center once a year – for this year, it will be from November 1st to 4th.

SEMA was formed in 1963. The initials stand for Specialty Equipment Market Association, “S” was for speed until 1970, when it was changed due to government regulations. But this did not stop SEMA growing.

In 1967, SEMA had its first show in the basement of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, where there were 98 manufacturers manning booths. And just after nine years, the manufacturers who wanted to register for the SEMA show were far more than the stalls could be offered.

The organization had to turn away certain number of manufacturers at the end, when 570 booths were all sold out. In 1977, eventually, the show moved to Las Vegas because of its speedy growth. The decision was made based on the fact that there is room for continued expansion in Las Vegas (and also some other objective factors like the weather and reputation there).

Why is it so big a deal?

Today, the SEMA show brings together 6,383 companies from 100 countries from all around the globe each year in average, among which are aftermarket manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, car dealers, specialty equipment distributors, installers, retailers and restoration specialists.

However, the SEMA show is not open to the general public. Some does not see it fair – because great things are ought to be shared anyway, so just why?! But in other cases, you might be asking… is it REALLY that great? Well… you will see as you keep scrolling down… 

It is not all out of the blue that the show can expand so fast during all these years. In fact, not being open to the general public has become one of the SEMA show’s advantages. It constantly caters the needs of representatives from the industry rather than consumers. So years after years, the show has built up its reputation as a platform where there is business guarantee.

Why should I care then?

As long as you work for a legitimate automotive aftermarket business, you are qualified to register and attend the SEMA show. And it is surely worth attending with opportunities to join its educational seminars, see product demonstrations, build your network with others and so much more!

The SEMA show is aim to set guidelines for the industry. Being present at the Convention Center means you are going to experience the latest trend in person and see the hottest products. The last show in 2015 drew over 60, 000 American and international buyers, and nearly 2,500 newest parts, tools and components were introduced.

In the 2.5 million square feet center, you will also have the chance to take a good look (yep, not just a glance) at around 1, 500 astonishing and stunning vehicles, very possibly with super eye-catching and customized wraps. Believe it or not, you will be surprised. I dare to say, you will absolutely find something you like there!

You could say the show is a big showcase in some ways. So why not give it a SEMA when you have the chance? I mean even just window shopping would be worthy!

Give it a SEMA!