Innovation and Future Planning of Wrap Industry

In the recent decade, the wrap industry has gained momentum and has reached the mainstream audiences. The target market of vinyl wrap industry keeps on expanding and changing. The technological advancement is  playing a vital role in the dynamics of the market. Also, the innovations in print and the production quality of vinyl wrap are sources  of attraction for the consumers nowadays.

The basic traditional glossy vinyl now comes with a huge variety in a matt and understated finish, which that does not reflect and create delineated effect that enhances the curves and contour of the vehicle. Among the extensive range of different colors, black and white remain the hot favorites in the matte shades. Also, the silver colored vinyl wraps that create stainless steel effect are gaining popularity.

A new era of graphics
Graphics are the reason why vinyl wraps are a widely used accessory in modern day vehicle designing. They enable the vinyl wrap to give a unique and bold look to the car. Chrome and satin are some of the latest surfaces among the recently developed wraps. Different patterns and highlights can be added to a conventional wrap to create an all over new look. Even a slight detailing in the graphics can turn a modest vehicle into an eye-catching piece of art. Some of the standout graphics include khaki camouflage, raised texture to emboss, iconic staircase motif, rainbow colors, etc. The graphics have reduced the need of replacing the wrap just to change the look of the vehicle  as they can create a new look on the old vinyl wrap.

Technology and future
At the speed of which the technology is evolving, it would be an underestimation to predict the future of the vinyl wrap industry. Keeping the target market trend and fashion in mind when producing colors of wraps and new finishes will be able to take the automotive industry to a new height. Keeping track of trade market publications is the key to innovation and demand orient supply/ production.

Developing products with greater durability regarding scratch and tear resistance is the ultimate focus of the manufacturers and installers in the future. With the constantly improving technical specifications like recyclable PVC- free blackout film and  attractive décor features like digital photographic prints, future innovation seems to have no boundaries.

The market is expecting a significant rate of growth with extensive “Research and Development” for new products to meet the ever increasing demand.  Along with vehicle customization, low- cost films are causing mall businesses to invest in the wrap industry for advertisement purposes.

Innovation and Future Planning of Wrap Industry